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Save in your DC Home

We know that comfort and savings go hand-in-hand—and it’s our job to help spread those benefits. Through technical assistance and incentives, we enable homeowners and renters to make energy choices that are right for them.

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For Your DC Business

Save in your DC Business

For many business owners, the cost of energy can be a variable, burdensome expense. It doesn't have to be. By helping business owners reduce energy use, we help them free up monthly cash-flow and boost their bottom lines.

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Over $6 Million

That's the savings the DCSEU has generated through energy efficiency and renewable energy this year. Want to know what it could buy?

For the District, By the District

This year, the DCSEU saved 50,000 MWh of electricity in the District. That's enough energy to power over 5,000 homes in the District for an entire year.

That's over $6 million in savings that could buy:


Half Smokes at Ben’s Chili Bowl

60 Students

4 years of tuition at Howard University


movie tickets at Gallery Place

From Dollars to Chili Dogs

Business in the District is in the green
Bens Chili Bowl

Spending locally to make energy investments helps businesses in the District prosper and benefit from more than just energy savings. When businesses like Ben’s Chili Bowl can find ways to cut costs, they can hire more people, expand their business, and help to keep the District’s economy growing.

DC businesses are going green with us.Learn More
All FY 2013 data are based on the DCSEU’s estimates of energy savings and are subject to rigorous monitoring and verification by a third-party evaluation firm hired by the District Department of the Environment (DDOE).

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Barracks Row Fall Festival 2014

Sep 27, 2014 - Sep 27, 2014
Join the DCSEU at Barracks Row Fall Festival 2014! On September 27th from 11am to 5pm, the DCSEU will be at the Festival with information and resources that can save DC residents energy and money.

8th Street SE
11:00 am - 5:00 pm

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